New Vlog! “A Musical Wedding?!”

Hello to all my lovely followers! I’m back from my honeymoon and ready to start filling you guys in on our amazing, crazy, musical wedding! Enjoy the vlog above and be on the lookout for more, including songs from the wedding, behind the scenes fun, and of course, pictures!! Thank you guys for your awesome support and congratulations. You are all amazing.

– Luke

New Vlog! Ireland Ruined My Honeymoon!!!

I’ve been wanting to explore vlogs for awhile for their storytelling and interactivity potential, and I’ve finally made one. This vlog (hopefully) humorously explores a topic near and dear to my heart! Let me know if you want to see more vlogs from me! Enjoy!

New Sketch the Music!! “Shut up and Dance”


Hey guys! So excited to share the second installment of Sketch the Music! Dynamic illustrations and a new piano-based pop arrangement combine to tell a simple and sweet gay fairytale based on the fantastic Walk the Moon song, “Shut Up and Dance.” LGBT representation is an important part of my work and I proudly reflect my world in my art. Please share if you agree! Click the image above to watch or here!