New Video – I Only Want To Be With You (Cover)

Check out my latest cover here: This has always been one of my favorite songs, and while I initially planned a more elaborate arrangement, with lots of instruments, I decided to let the music do the talking – just piano and voice! I’m sure I’ll tackle the other version someday…until then – enjoy!!

New Video – Black and White Daydreams (Original Song)

Watch here: Today I am sharing a song I wrote for my husband on our first wedding anniversary! This video also marks the first time I got to shoot with my fancy new camera! Expect better and more interesting shots from now on!! I hope you guys enjoy the song! You can thank John for the inspiration! He is most definitely my muse. 🙂

New Video – Anniversary Trip Vlog and Hotel Review!

Hey guys! We recently returned from an amazing anniversary trip to West Baden Springs Hotel in the French Lick Resort in Indiana! We had a wonderful time and documented some of our travels for your enjoyment! Once home I also filmed a vlog/review about our experience and edited everything together. I had so much fun with this little project and I hope you enjoy it! Watch here:

New Video – For Orlando – “I Am What I Am” (Cover)

When words fail. My heart aches over the senselessness of this tragedy. I sat down at my piano earlier today, and this Jerry Herman classic was the only song I could sing. For Orlando. Watch here or above:

New Video!! Grace Kelly – Mika (Cover)

New video!!! I have loved this MIKA song since it came out – a fun, but thoughtful exploration of the masks we all try on while trying to have a career in the arts (or any field, really). My husband helped me shoot part of this “music video style”, as that is something I would really like to get into. This was a very, very small step in that direction! Let me know what you think! Watch above or here:

New Video! “When You Wish Upon A Star” (Cover)

Made a special video for my Step Dad’s 70th birthday today – and Mother’s Day! Happy Mother’s Day to all of the great Moms out there!

New Video!! Go the Distance – Hercules (Cover)

Continuing my Disney kick (I’m a little obsessed), check out my cover of the Oscar-nominated Disney classic, “Go the Distance” from Hercules! I’ve been needing this song lately – and if you need to hear it too – remember, YOU can go the distance too. 🙂 Watch above or by clicking here:

New Video! Colors of the Wind!

With the lovely weather we’ve been having – and earth day next week, what better song to sing than the Disney classic, “Colors of the Wind”? I went back-to-basics with this song – just my original piano arrangement and voice. I hope you guys like it! Watch above or by clicking here:

New Video! Face Swap Challenge – With Impressions!

I couldn’t resist trying the Face Swap Challenge! This app is ridiculous. And kind of amazing. Check it out by watching above or clicking here:

New Vlog – Double Rainbow!

HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY! Here’s a vlog where I discuss (and share footage of) seeing a DOUBLE RAINBOW. Yes. For real. Watch above or by clicking here: