Original Song – Sky of Stars

I just uploaded a song I wrote as a teen dealing with anxiety many years ago. This song was the beginning of me learning to manage my disorder. With all of the anxiety in the world right now (myself included), this song popped back into my head. I hope it helps someone. Watch here and share: https://youtu.be/W9X2-RteWbo

New Video – “I Am Not A Robot” (Marina Cover)

I’ve wanted to cover this for ages and finally felt the time was right. The fabulous Marina (and the Diamonds) song, “I Am Not A Robot.” Plus, I only get one chance every 4 years to upload a video on leap day! Watch above or by clicking here: https://youtu.be/QtlHI-j775k

New Video!

Here’s something a little different! I got to produce and narrate (and appear briefly) in this video entry for my husband’s hometown to enter into HGTV’s Home Town Takeover contest!  The contest would see HGTV coming to Pana (if we win!!) and transforming several homes and downtown buildings. It’s a great cause – and this video has gone a little viral with almost 14,000 views at time of writing this. CRAZY! Keep your fingers crossed for us – and thank you for the support! 🙂

NEW IMPRESSIONS – Broadway – “It’s Today”

When one pays tribute to the late Jerry Herman, one does NOT sing a sad ballad – but instead crafts a hilarious musical celebration of impressions! Check it out here, guys! 🙂 Watch above or by clicking here: https://youtu.be/KDUiASCtM7c

Happy Holidays – New Christmas Cover!

Merry Christmas!! Decided to tackle a long-lost Kate Bush GEM. It’s time…to go “Home For Christmas” ⛄️❤️☺️  Watch above or by clicking here: https://youtu.be/mhTMksYiyxY

New Video! “Rain” – Ben Platt (Cover)

Check out my cover of the amazing Ben Platt song “Rain.” I’m pretty proud of it – and plus it was recorded in a rainstorm! lol ☺️ Watch above or by clicking here: https://youtu.be/cEYA9_dQgnQ

New video! “Into the Unknown” (Cover)

Tackling the brand new power ballad “Into the Unknown” from the Disney film Frozen 2! Watch above or by clicking here: https://youtu.be/sWYc2bUqlJ8

Bea Arthur…as you’ve never seen her before!!!

Attention Golden Girls and/or Sleeping Beauty Fans – THIS is the parody you didn’t know you need!!! Please share! https://youtu.be/u1HeoKYzXL8

COMING SOON – A New animated parody!!

Teaser for a little animated parody that I cannot WAIT to share with you guys!!! Disney and Golden Girls fans must watch!! Watch above or by clicking here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92UIlfNvAq0


New music video for my song, “The Gauntlet”!!! I’m so proud of this song and had fun making this ode to all things video games and LGBT love. Check it out here and please share!! Watch above or by clicking here: youtu.be/szKgiwBU4rc