“The Gauntlet” is on ALL major music platforms!

My new song, “The Gauntlet” is now on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and more!!! I’m so proud of this song, and I catch my husband humming it all the time…I must have done something right! 😉 Download today and help support an indie artist! 🙂 Download here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-gauntlet-single/1453486045

New Channel Trailer!!!

Why should you subscribe to me??? THIS brand new channel trailer breaks down my biggest accomplishments on YouTube and teases what’s to come in the future! Watch above or by clicking here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQFgSw6gJFg


It is #ThankYouPatrons day over on Patreon – and I have so much to be thankful for to my wonderful patrons. As a special surprise, they get my exclusive cover of “Thank You For Being A Friend” (the theme song to The Golden Girls) – available to my $1/month tiers and above – ONLY ON PATREON!!! Thank you for supporting the arts and for helping me reach my dream of making a living off of doing what I love! 🙂 https://www.patreon.com/LukeMcQuillan

Featured in my College Magazine!!

So honored to be featured in my college magazine’s Arts issue!! I’m very proud of my time at IC, and I’m blown away by this! Check it out below, or read the whole issue here: https://issuu.com/illinoiscollege/docs/051618_spring2018-quarterly-pages-w/26

NEW VIDEO! Taking things to the next level!!!

Big news! With help from my wonderful patrons on Patreon, I have finally purchased a green screen! This is huge for my channel, and the types of videos I can make. I’ve always had big dreams, and this green screen will allow me to leave my studio and put myself in literally anything I can dream up! Hear me talk about upcoming projects and get a taste of some basic green screen magic above or by clicking here: https://youtu.be/Q15VQZAJ68o

We passed over 1,000 subscribers!!!


Hooray! So proud of my work on YouTube and LOVE making videos for you guys! Thank you for subscribing!


So…I have been hiding a BIG SECRET!! But, I can finally share with you guys that I will be voicing a character on an upcoming episode of “The Amazing World of Gumball” for  CARTOON NETWORK!!! I cannot give any character or plot details, but, I did make a vlog about my experience!! IT WAS A DREAM COME TRUE!! Watch here: https://youtu.be/J6wPIQ-ISaI

This comment made my day!

So, today is great for two reasons. 🙂 

1) I just posted all kinds of rewards for my awesome patrons over on http://www.patreon.com/lukemcquillan – MP3s, videos, concept art, etc. I post things like this once a month as a thank you to my patrons. You can join in the fun for as little as $1 per month and help an artist work to pursue his dreams for less than the price of a cup of coffee! And…

2) This comment from a fellow animator, Steven Cooper, has made my day.

…I don’t think in 4 years of school I ever produced something with this much finesse, even during group projects with several cohorts. 
The form/anatomy does need work but believe it or not those are fairly easy skills to acquire if you just have time and dedication. What truly impresses me is the pacing and attention to details like foley sounds and nuances in character behavior. You’re expressing many competencies that I’ve seen senior animation students fail at or just avoid (Unafraid to let your character use the z-axis, pacing is succinct and characters don’t linger or morph awkwardly). 
Keep up the good work, this is pretty astounding for a single person and really just in general.

As a self-taught animator who quit his job to persue this dream, I’ve got to say that constructive criticism like that keeps me going. Thank you, Steven!! Speaking of animation, I’m working on a brand new music/visual series to bridge the gap in between Whitcomb Wisp episodes (hey, working alone, it takes a long time!). More news on that very soon!

New site features and e-mail list!

Thanks to new features here on lukemcquillan.com, you can now comment on posts, view archives, and browse through different categories. I made these changes because I love interacting with you guys, and I felt my website could benefit from more interactive features! Also, browse through the new pages at the top of the screen to learn more about me, shop for songs (and more at a later date), or to drop me a line! And I’m not done yet; more changes are coming soon!

If you want to stay up to date with all of my posts and news, sign up to my brand new e-mail list in the sidebar. Subscribing takes only a few seconds – AND you get a free MP3 download of “Eternal Suspension” from my web series, “Whitcomb Wisp” as a thank you! Let me know what you think of all of the new features! Thanks, guys!

– Luke

So many ways to show your support!

You may have noticed a new “Donate” button near the top of this page. It is my new PayPal “Donate” button! One of many ways to show your support to your favorite indie animator and singer-songwriter! Check out the list below for more details on it and others!

Patreon – This wonderful online community lets you support your favorite artists with donations ranging from $1 to $100! This awesome site envisioned a way for indie artists to make consistent and regular money from their work (unlike Kick Starter, for example). It’s based on the old idea of an artist having a Patron (usually one wealthy benefactor) and turned it into crowd-sourced funding. It’s so amazing, and I’m so thankful to my wonderful Patrons. My patrons get all kinds of perks – HD video downloads, MP3s, Concept Art, and at the higher levels, signed prints, original commissions, and more! Check out my page here! http://www.patreon.com/lukemcquillan.

iTunes – Patreon too big of a commitment for you? I completely understand and respect that. But don’t worry, you can still show your support! Songs from my original series, Whitcomb Wisp, are for sale on iTunes, with more to come very soon! Buy a copy today here!

PayPal Donate – That new button toward the top of my page is the easiest way yet to show your support. Pick your amount – literally anything – and boom, you’ve just donated money to help and indie artist do what he loves – craft stories and songs for your enjoyment!

Word of Mouth – This one is FREE and yet may be the most powerful! If you like what I’m doing, please, please, please share my work! Whatever your social media of choice is, it means the world to me. I cannot grow an audience on my own. It takes real people sharing my work with their friends and family for it to catch on. Over 530 people on YouTube hit the “Subscribe” button on my page – that is awesome – but most of those people randomly found me. Imagine how many more people would see my work if they each took the time to make a Facebook post, or show a co-worker in person. It takes mere seconds, costs you nothing, but might change my life. So, please, get out there and show your support! I love you guys! Thank you!!

PS – New animation today or tomorrow! Be on the lookout for it! 😉