New Video – Part of Your World (Ursula’s Reprise)

My husband on seeing my newest video: “You kind of scared me. I forgot I was even watching you.” BEST COMPLIMENT someone with a theatre degree could ask for! HA. Check out my original reprise of Part of Your World – FOR URSULA!! Watch above or by clicking here:

New Video! Face Swap Challenge – With Impressions!

I couldn’t resist trying the Face Swap Challenge! This app is ridiculous. And kind of amazing. Check it out by watching above or clicking here:

New Impressions! Downton Abbey!

Downton Abbey ends next week!! To celebrate the show, here are some ridiculous impressions of some of my favorite characters! Please share with other Downton fans! Enjoy! Watch above or by clicking here:

New Vlog & Impressions Reel – Xena Reboot!

Just made a vlog about the reboot of one of my favorite shows of all time, Xena: Warrior Princess. The new writer of the show just retweeted my vlog! AHH!!! ‪#‎XenaRevival‬ I also share some ridiculous impressions of Xena characters. Enjoy! Watch above or here:

New Video! Disney Villains Impressions!

After a lovely trip to Disneyland – including attending Mickey’s Halloween Party! I was inspired to try my hand at impressions of Disney villains! I hope you guys like them! Enjoy! Watch here:

New Vlog! Julie Andrews on New Mary Poppins Film

Watch here: Enjoy!! 🙂

Broadway Impressions?!

And now for something completely different! I’ve done impressions for friends and family for years. It’s a skill I developed in tandem with my animation – who else would voice act in my shorts? Haha. I finally decided to record some for you guys. Enjoy my take on some Broadway legends! Please share!