Bea Arthur recreates…

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For the past couple weeks, I have been sharing short little impressions videos of Bea Arthur recreating viral videos, memes, and internet trends over on my TikTok, and I’m so pleased to share that they are really taking off! One of them has over 90k views and has brought me tons of new followers. I’ll be posting longer compilations of these soon, but in the mean time – enjoy my favorite from the past couple weeks: Bea singing the viral song about corn. Look up “corn kid” if you’ve not heard of it – cute and worth a watch!!

Bea Arthur visits Drag Con!

Two amazingly fun videos are here documenting my time at RuPaul’s Drag Con as Bea Arthur! I couldn’t resist recreating some of my favorite lines and having a ball. Enjoy!

New Bea Arthur impressions and animations!

I’ve been pushing myself to learn Adobe’s fabulous Character Animator software to get back into my animation. I’m having a blast and have produced two Bea Athur shorts for TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube! Enjoy guys!! Much, much more to come thanks to this fabulous software and my patrons over on! Shorts below:

New TikTok – Bea Arthur on Cheugy

Bea Arthur has something to add about this whole “cheugy” nonsense. 🤣(apparently this emoji is cheugy) 😝 Watch here:


It was time to have some of my best impressions in one place 😉 There may be some in here you never saw (or forgot about)! Enjoy!!

Fraggle Rock Impressions – Trash Heap, Red, and Cotterpin!

Fraggle Rock Impressions!! Mokey and Wembley!

Check out my new impressions of the amazing Fraggle Rock muppets Mokey and Wembley! There are many more where these came from – after all – this is the show that turned me into a wannabe voice actor as a child (a dream that came true!!). Stay tuned – more to come. Enjoy!

NEW IMPRESSIONS – Broadway – “It’s Today”

When one pays tribute to the late Jerry Herman, one does NOT sing a sad ballad – but instead crafts a hilarious musical celebration of impressions! Check it out here, guys! 🙂 Watch above or by clicking here:

Bea Arthur…as you’ve never seen her before!!!

Attention Golden Girls and/or Sleeping Beauty Fans – THIS is the parody you didn’t know you need!!! Please share!

COMING SOON – A New animated parody!!

Teaser for a little animated parody that I cannot WAIT to share with you guys!!! Disney and Golden Girls fans must watch!! Watch above or by clicking here: