So many ways to show your support!

You may have noticed a new “Donate” button near the top of this page. It is my new PayPal “Donate” button! One of many ways to show your support to your favorite indie animator and singer-songwriter! Check out the list below for more details on it and others!

Patreon – This wonderful online community lets you support your favorite artists with donations ranging from $1 to $100! This awesome site envisioned a way for indie artists to make consistent and regular money from their work (unlike Kick Starter, for example). It’s based on the old idea of an artist having a Patron (usually one wealthy benefactor) and turned it into crowd-sourced funding. It’s so amazing, and I’m so thankful to my wonderful Patrons. My patrons get all kinds of perks – HD video downloads, MP3s, Concept Art, and at the higher levels, signed prints, original commissions, and more! Check out my page here!

iTunes – Patreon too big of a commitment for you? I completely understand and respect that. But don’t worry, you can still show your support! Songs from my original series, Whitcomb Wisp, are for sale on iTunes, with more to come very soon! Buy a copy today here!

PayPal Donate – That new button toward the top of my page is the easiest way yet to show your support. Pick your amount – literally anything – and boom, you’ve just donated money to help and indie artist do what he loves – craft stories and songs for your enjoyment!

Word of Mouth – This one is FREE and yet may be the most powerful! If you like what I’m doing, please, please, please share my work! Whatever your social media of choice is, it means the world to me. I cannot grow an audience on my own. It takes real people sharing my work with their friends and family for it to catch on. Over 530 people on YouTube hit the “Subscribe” button on my page – that is awesome – but most of those people randomly found me. Imagine how many more people would see my work if they each took the time to make a Facebook post, or show a co-worker in person. It takes mere seconds, costs you nothing, but might change my life. So, please, get out there and show your support! I love you guys! Thank you!!

PS – New animation today or tomorrow! Be on the lookout for it! 😉