I made an intro for Colleen’s Corner!

Check out my submission to the fantastic Colleen Ballinger’s YouTube Q & A series, Colleen’s Corner! You may also know her as Miranda Sings! I hope she likes it, and who knows, maybe she’ll use it! Either way, she is awesome, and I had a blast making it. Enjoy, guys!

“Eternal Suspension” – Live!

In honor of “Eternal Suspension” being available on iTunes here (Hooray!!), here is a live, in-studio performance of the song! Enjoy! 🙂

Now on iTunes!

Big news!!! The first song from Whitcomb Wisp, “Eternal Suspension” is now for sale on iTunes! For only 99¢, it can be yours! Plus, you get the warm, tingly feeling of helping out an independent artist who needs yours support! Click here to go to iTunes and get your copy today! In other news, the storyboards for episode 2 are nearing completion!


New Welcome Video!

Are you wondering how I went from posting original songs and covers on YouTube to making animated musical shorts? Check out the video below to find out, and if you haven’t already, subscribe to me on YouTube to watch my latest videos!