New Bea Arthur Cover – Her Star Wars song

Been saving this one for today!! May the fourth be with you! Bea Arthur’s forgotten gem from the Star Wars Holiday Special!

My Bea & Angie impressions sing “Bosom Buddies”

My most requested video ever!! My Bea Arthur and Angela Lansbury impressions duet on Bosom Buddies from Mame! Enjoy!!

New Cover AS Angela Lansbury – Beauty and the Beast

Sometimes you just have to sing “Beauty and the Beast” AS Angela Lansbury. What can I say?

New Cover – “You’ll Be Back” from Hamilton

As my impressions and comedic musical shorts continue to take off on TikTok and elsewhere, I thought this request was a perfect bridge back to my roots! I grew up on the stage, and this song from Hamilton is amazing and so much fun to perform. Enjoy!

Behind the Scenes – “Miami, Miami”

I have wanted to figure this song out from The Golden Girls for YEARS. And after getting a ton of requests on TikTok to cover it with my Bea impression, the time had come to try again. AND I CRACKED IT!!!! So excited!! Thank you guys for your patronage and support! Lots of fun music and projects from both me (and BEA, ha) coming soon!

New Cover – “Once Upon a December”

It’s December 1st!!! So I’m dusting off one of my favorite songs, “Once Upon A December.” Did this years ago on my YouTube and went mini viral with over 20k views. Sadly, I lost my original arrangement files, and it’s always bothered me. So! I recreated it from scratch!

Bea Arthur recreates…

@luke.mcquillan Replying to @ektaroc Ahh!! Thank you guys. Next in the series is here!! #beaarthur #corn #itscorn #impressions #goldengirls #thegoldengirls #voiceactor #piano #cover ♬ original sound - lukemcquillan

For the past couple weeks, I have been sharing short little impressions videos of Bea Arthur recreating viral videos, memes, and internet trends over on my TikTok, and I’m so pleased to share that they are really taking off! One of them has over 90k views and has brought me tons of new followers. I’ll be posting longer compilations of these soon, but in the mean time – enjoy my favorite from the past couple weeks: Bea singing the viral song about corn. Look up “corn kid” if you’ve not heard of it – cute and worth a watch!!

Tribute to Angela Lansbury

@luke.mcquillan She will always be our Eglantine. RIP to one of my all time heroes, Dame Angela Lansbury. 💔 #angelalansbury #bedknobsandbroomsticks #beautyandthebeast #murdershewrote #mame #dearworld #sweeneytodd #marypoppinsreturns ♬ original sound - lukemcquillan

Oh, my heart. 💔 Angela Lansbury was one of my all time heroes and a huge inspiration for me to sing and act. Had to sing a little “Eglantine” from Bedknobs and Broomsticks as a tribute this evening. She will be so greatly missed.

New song – exclusively on!!

Posted a new original song demo exclusively for my patrons at!! Check it out!! 🙂

Reacting to being on Netflix!

Check out my latest short where I react to a scene I’m in on Farzar for Netflix!